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Brookside Cottage has a hot tub!

It's official! Brookside Cottage has its very own private hot tub. We installed a privacy fence and an absolutely beautiful, brand new hot tub.

We've wanted to add a hot tub to Brookside for years, but we could never find the right time. We are always so busy in summer and then it's too cold to do projects like this in winter.

Remember that crazy warm November? We decided to take advantage of that. We purchased the fencing, rented on of those Home Depot box trucks to get it to Interlaken on time, and put the fence up in record speed!

Once I knew we had the privacy we needed, I went to our good friends at Hesselsons to secure a hot tub. We had a delivery date in less than a week!

Then our incredibly wonderful electrician came out and got us all set up - it's not an easy project - line had to be laid, a trencher needed to be rented. But Billy Irwin of New Leaf got it done!

We truly hope you enjoy this hot tub as much as we love providing it to you.

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