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Our cabins have full kitchens - why we deliver breakfast ANYWAY

All of our cabins have full kitchens. Yet we bring you a hot breakfast every day of your stay. Why bother?? When you could just cook breakfast yourself! The key is that we want to give you CHOICE on your vacation. Just because you CAN cook, doesn't mean you HAVE to.

It's important for a lot of other reasons as well - we are somewhat remote, and if you're there on a Monday, you might not have as many dining options for lunch and dinner. If you have an allergy that makes it difficult to eat out, our kitchens give you the option of cooking at home.

Where do you get groceries?

Big M - in Ovid and known for their meat department (family owned)

Sauders - in Seneca Falls. A little further but it's an Amish owned and operated store - worth the drive

Shur Save - in Trumansburg (family owned)

Dollar General - don't laugh, but we are proud to finally have a convenient place to grab essentials in Lodi. It's brand new and has...everything that YOUR Dollar General has at home. There's comfort in convenience

Our kitchens are "vacation kitchens" - they have the basics, but they don't have everything. If there's a special utensil you "must have" - you're welcome to bring it along. Just don't forget it in the cabin, or it will be come part of our collection :)

Aspen, Basswood, and Brookside Cottage do NOT have dishwashers. Cedar Cabin DOES have a dishwasher - it's the only one!

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